A Question for Darwin

I’m becoming ever so slightly obsessed with the notion of conveying big ideas in small spaces. Here is yet another unhinged attempt to knock the world into a cocked hat – an acrostic poem in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt Savage.

S o when did your slow and elegant dance of evolution, with
A ll life locked in Gaia's grand embrace, become a
V icious fight where dog eats dog bereft of pack support
A nd brothers break their sacred bonds without a backward
G lance? When money learned to talk, you might reply, and shattered
E den's shared peace with fake news of solo glory.


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Image: Crystalinks


25 thoughts on “A Question for Darwin

  1. Brilliant! I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence that my coffee tastes a little bitter after reading this or if it’s the effect of your subtly acerbic message.

    1. Or when Herbert Spencer came up with his distortion of Darwin in ‘survival of the fittest’ which was later taken up by eugenicists and fascists? Maybe they are all part of the same blind alley …

  2. “YEAH!!” I shouted this in my mind and punched my fist in the air. I’m like, “Yeah, Darwin! You better tell us the truth” 😆 😆 😆 Great post. I’ve always wanted to do this style of writing (it has a name, yes?).

    1. Not his fault, of course, but the fault of those who jumped on the bandwagon and distorted his message. He also died 135 years ago. Glad you liked it. It’s an acrostic.

        1. Haha, like the sting in the tale! 🙂 On a serious note, I don’t blame him at all. Darwin came up with a theory that has stood the test of time – life as we know it is the result of successful mistakes across millennia. Everything, us included, is interlinked. We are still trying to come to terms with the perspectives his explanation opens up. One idea is that human evolution is now cultural not physical. We don’t need body hair, for example, because we learned to wear animal hair …

          1. Interesting about the hair. Right? Now that we are living as we do, are we still asking the same questions as Darwin did? Do we care to? Is there an interest regarding humanity, the species, you know the anthropology or are we salivating over shedding our human selves for the false security of machines; the belief in their hardware duration? Do understand what I’m asking? I feel humans are fearful of their emotional selves, that they want to erase it to a certain degree. The machines are given human emotions, I feel, only to serve the ego; making something which resembles you but has none of the stuff which makes you fearful of who and what you are.

          2. Insofar as an economy based entirely on money is machine-like and therefore lacks human feelings and sympathies, I would agree with you. Was this what you meant?

          3. No, not what I meant but I agree with your pov. For the sake of not making your comment thread too long, I will end our conversation here. 😏 This is the second time today I am having a challenging time expressing myself regarding this type of subject matter; the science of man (my terminology). I’m going to take the hint and shut up about it all until I remove all the marbles out my mouth 🙃 Thanks for participating, though.

  3. I received an email late last night announcing a Whoops post on A Nomad In Cyberspace but no such page exists this morning. The email I received contained the following text: “can’t reply to people’s blogs so posting this to see if I’m visible”. I can’t find any way of contacting you directly so I’m hijacking this comment box to say, “Yes, you’re visible”. If you’ve solved your problem you’re welcome to delete this redundant comment.

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