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The Ones that Got Away!


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A glance through thickened glass reveals
Queer creatures drifting sadly by.  
Up and down they trail in shoals,
As if they're here but don't know why.
Ray, my flatmate, thinks they're lost - 
It seems they crawled from sea to sand - 
Underwater life they loved but
Maybe not so good on land?

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images: Dissolve and Flickr

source: aquarium from https://randomwordgenerator.com




pregnant pause

i nner exploration space
n o final frontier here
c ountless possibilities
u ntouched by doubt or fear
b eneath the dancer and the tune
a ll ancient rhythms run
t he heartbeat of the galaxies
e merging into sun


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Image: Wikipedia

Origin: WordPress Daily Prompt Incubate

To Boldly Go

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C ome from ancient dynasties down trails of trial and error,
R eaching back to old bequests for every trick and trade,
E ach living thing has stood the test of time and fickle tide
A nd breathes beneath this brightened moon – feels a heightened terror
T hat one alive, who crowned himself King of All that Moves,
U pset sweet nature’s applecart and built a gilt machine.
R oads go on forever. Monarchs love a change of scene.
E ven their commandments state that travelling improves.

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Images: Honest Accurate Auto Jalopnik

Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Creature

A Question for Darwin

I’m becoming ever so slightly obsessed with the notion of conveying big ideas in small spaces. Here is yet another unhinged attempt to knock the world into a cocked hat – an acrostic poem in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt Savage.

S o when did your slow and elegant dance of evolution, with
A ll life locked in Gaia's grand embrace, become a
V icious fight where dog eats dog bereft of pack support
A nd brothers break their sacred bonds without a backward
G lance? When money learned to talk, you might reply, and shattered
E den's shared peace with fake news of solo glory.


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Image: Crystalinks

Song For Evolution


Forest primates call from tree to tree
A lullaby to charm away night fears.
Their magic circle, high society,
Is valley-wide but outside no one hears.


The hunters stand erect on grassy hills,
Their quiet gaze intent on grazing herds.
They move to voiceless gestures and make kills
With clever plans, enacted without words.


Such schemes in time will tame the wilderness:
We plough the fields and scatter altered seeds;
We breed strange beasts and fill our emptiness
With senseless mathematics, silent deeds.


And still we call across the great divide
As if our song could turn back ecocide.


I wrote this poem in a slightly gloomy mood because my tags aren’t appearing on WordPress. They have a backlog of cases and have asked me to be patient, so I won’t be too upset if the tags don’t work on this post. When you’re accustomed to free speech, any decrease – however slight – is discomforting. It’s hard to imagine not being allowed to say what you like, but many people spend their lives in that situation. I sometimes think that nobody is allowed to say the things that really need to be said, but that’s a whole new kettle of fish …

Night on a Bare Mountain


There comes a point in every life online

When laughter dies. We sense the biting storm

That others feel beyond our virtual home.

The dispossessed cry O for such a voice

But we fall silent, waiting for their word.

The question, my friend, is trembling on their lips –

Our answer still blowing in the wind.


(with apologies to Bob Dylan and the multitudes even he failed)

Dave Kingsbury