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race against time

under our brave new
restrictions, we can
gain back lost ground on an
epidemic that had run away from us under
no restrictions by pretending we had it
covered all along –
you, meanwhile, are now inoculated against too much hope


WHO expert: Finding and distributing COVID-19 vaccine in 18 months would be  'historic' – EURACTIV.com


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inspiration: urgency from
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before & after

What Is a Proffer Agreement? - Oberheiden, P.C.


previous leaders
rose after proffering proven
examples of conduct –
cut to the new breed
emerging from chaotic
divisions online –
every critique
nuked by cynical soundbites
that brook no debate


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inspiration: precedent from
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Three Election Day Acrostics, One Message

View your future if you can
or place an X today –
the candidate who has a plan
explores the better way.

Vested interests don’t bank
on ballot-box success –
their future fills the flowing tank,
evading tax and stress.

Vague promises are not enough
or veiled threats believed –
trust is given just for truth,
empathy retrieved.

VOTE the Funding Memorial ~ Remaking the University

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