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Chain Reaction

I wrote this acrostic poem as a personal response to Wordsworth’s magnificent Lines Composed A Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey. Click on the link if you would like to read his poem.

R emember when you first stood here in wonder,
E arly days, when you climbed these very
T rees and chased down those same trails in wild abandon?
R emember how the memories would later flash unbidden
O n your inward eye – in the concrete jungle of cage city?
S oon you must return there – but this time as two in one
P erson – the youth you were and the man you’ve become
E ach holding the other’s hand, alone no more. And now your
C hildren, out of breath, slip warm hands into yours – open-eyed
T o see, all ears to hear your old tales of this brand new place.
I t could be their consolation for the dullnesses to come,
V ery much as it was and will be again for you. Throw a pebble in that pond.
E xpect the water to ripple long after you have departed.


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Image: Holiday Cottage Wye Valley

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I once read a novel about some guy who spent his life wandering the country lanes of Devon in search of roadkill. His purpose – to give the remains a decent burial. And I often think about the Jains, a religious sect who believe all life is sacred and take extreme measures to make sure they don’t take it – wearing shoes with special soles to minimise ground contact and sweeping the path clear of insects as they walk.

I love short poems which convey an intense reverence for life – by poets as different as Philip Larkin and Emily Dickinson. Here is my offering to the miracle of nature in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt Ceremony:

C aught by glass & card – he – who’d bumbled in your window –
E ject by force to flowers – him – sweet flirts with flashing skirts –
R edeemed your midnight murders – he – those gastropods in blackness –
E very shell a gunshot to the heart within your boots –
M ultiplied a million – they – the world’s a killing field –
O nly balm – to mourn each tiny passing with a word –
N o life is saved by sorry – yet – it grants a saving grace –
Y our next act was heroic – he – who else had passed inside –


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Image: Science News for Students

15 Minutes

F ed up being Nobody? Bored being Anybody? Want to be Somebody?
A stral Projections can launch your Sure-fire Trip to the Stratosphere!
M erely sign on the dotted line to access those Cherished Stellar Dreams!
O ffer ends tomorrow so make sure you tick the box marked Fast Track.
U rge your loved ones to say their goodbyes to the old you today.
S ometimes it’s only Crash and Burn that makes the News.


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Only Us

Ah, what the hell!

Here’s me fantasising about breaking out of my acrostic straitjacket and letting rip with cascades of free-verse epics and oceans of prose extravaganzas, when along comes another WordPress Daily Prompt with a word I can’t resist!

Show me a person who does not feel Guilty and I’ll tear up their application form to the Them & Us Club 

G uileless, taking stuff on trust, we set a timid foot
U pon the road of dreams. Elsewhere, far beyond all love,
I t seems that hatred wove a labyrinth of selfish lies.
L et us awake to the hurtful truth. We slept upon our watch.
T ell children, when they ask you straight, that black and white make grey
Y et don’t forget yourself where credit’s due or lost that day.


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Out walking the other day, I saw this scrawled on the back of a road sign:

forget yourself

I’m trying, believe me, but it’s hard. Maybe when I do, those epics and extravaganzas won’t be far behind.

In the meantime, I’ll content myself with this supreme example of collective self-effacement in the brave hope of a better way, broadcast live to the world and shown here with subtitles in two languages to symbolise shared international  values …


Image: The Brainzooming Group

Time and Tide

D oncha got a clue who I am, occifer?
I were this big ‘fore you was grass-high to a knee-hopper
S o howzabout a little respect where it’s due, huh?
A skin’ a worl’-famous
P ersonage to move on like he were just a
P iece of … ain’t no word of a lie, on the TV
E very single day of the week I were
A t one time … twice on Tuesdays!
R ing your grandma. She’ll remember.


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Image: The Economist

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