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Renaissance Fair

I fervently believe that our natural creativity, given free rein, can unlock all doors and solve all dilemmas no matter how seemingly heavy or intractable. We can start with whatever is to hand which means we are always ready.

So in that spirit I offer this acrostic poem – a response to the Daily Prompt Recreate – to mark the start of a series of posts where I will try to weave the random words that WordPress throws at me into a coherent narrative. Each will be a 100 word story linked in some way to the previous one.

Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           E.M Forster

R uins surround you, strongholds returned to rocks.
E ven your wisest words run out like sand.
C ollect those scattered thoughts from the low places.
R eassemble them in new formations to
E ntertain yourself in the long, dark, desolate night.
A t last comes dawn where dreamers meet.
T heatres will play out a thousand and one possibilities.
E verything waits as usual to be imagined into fresh life.


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Yer What?

My mini-fest of acrostic poems comes to an end with this response to the WordPress Daily Prompt Rhyme.

It seems to need a final line – or a few of them – all contributions welcome, the more the merrier!


R iderless, a word stampede gets worse –
H uman, then, to rein it into verse.
Y ou may love to babble on prosecco –
M e, I get my kicks from verbal echo.
E veryone’s a poet now, they say –


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Image: David Byrne



M illions of voters can’t be wrong,
A s once again they fall for the
G uy with the wild eye who
N ames and shames the traitors in the nest.
E lection over,
T hey wake to news that guilty blame
I s shared more widely than they’d dreamed.
C harisma cannot face the light of day.


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Image: Mirror

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Anthem to our Ancestors

My week of responding to the WordPress Daily Prompt continues with this Homage to generations past and future:


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H ere’s to the unsung lives
O f you, our countless forebears, unknown
M akers of our hearts
A nd minds.  May we
G race the world that once you walked,
E ver mindful of those who are still to come.


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Images: V&A Collections and Redfin

… and by opposing end them.

D o you recall the day we stood
I n battle order, side by side for once, old
G rudges dead and buried in a brand
N ew war on common foes – life-darkening ignorance, curable
I llness, the tyrant’s iron grip? O never
F orget this day, October 24 in 1945, when
Y ou and I hold hands across a sea of troubles …


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Image: the United Nations

Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Dignify

I wrote this to honour the day they founded the UN.

A Land of No People

I t was manifest destiny brought us to Terra
N ullius – nobody
H ere, hardly,
A part from a few defenceless nomads. Carte blanche, you see, to
B end nature to our will and break their pagan hearts.
I mmigrants nowadays, though, don’t share our common values.
T ime to raise the drawbridge, build that wall!


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Image: Jokar Photography

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