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Mister Big

he doesn’t swing a pocket-watch and sing
you’re feeeling veeeery sleeeeepy but instead
posts pics of perfect people, paradise
not found without his phony foodstuffs fed
or lost until we buy his products twice –
trance these days is where we dream the world
is what it seems, when what it really is
seems like a dream of what the world could be
except for dreams of what is really his
dressed up to seem like dreams of you and me.

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Zoo Story

⚠Humans: the most evil and dangerous animals in the world!⚠ 🌱Go Vegan🌱  🌊🐳🐋🐟🌊 . . . . . #humans… | Dangerous animals, Animals of the world,  Vegan quotes funny

Regulate our rabid roaring.
Ease back every brutal word.
Stop the spread of sour suspicion.
Tell them too much hate is heard.
Rein in reckless rabbiting.
Ask angry creatures count to five.
Inch away from icy inclines.
No lemming leaps and stays alive.
The wise bee works to save the hive.

Watching 'The Most Dangerous Animals In The World' - The Bronx Zoo in 1963  - Flashbak

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Beneath her distant gaze they’d shuffle past,
except when one broke ranks and ran to touch
a foot or frozen fold or hardened hem
upon her sculptured dress so true-to-life
that some envisaged deeper prayers were heard –
if Faith should fade and Open Mind evolve,
fate could be consigned to history –
ugly inequalities may heal and
life herself be lovelier for all.


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Three Election Day Acrostics, One Message

View your future if you can
or place an X today –
the candidate who has a plan
explores the better way.

Vested interests don’t bank
on ballot-box success –
their future fills the flowing tank,
evading tax and stress.

Vague promises are not enough
or veiled threats believed –
trust is given just for truth,
empathy retrieved.

VOTE the Funding Memorial ~ Remaking the University


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