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“The unknown, remembered gate” (TS Eliot, ‘Four Quartets’)

G o through, bold wanderer, no lock prevents your 
A ccess to a world of open wonder. Do not 
T ake your burden of passing years. Wear your 
E xperience lightly. Look again through child eyes.


An acrostic poem in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt Gate.


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Rewild The Earth and Start Again

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                                                        S top the clock & turn back time to
                                                        O nce Upon when world was green &
                                                         I nnocent of crime we lived by
                                                         L etting well enough alone.



Acrostic poem – my response to the Daily Prompt Soil

Image – Soil Association

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Now here’s a word I’ve never heard – Moxie, the latest WordPress Daily Prompt. Googled it, like you do, and came up with this:



North American informal
  1. force of character, determination, or nerve.
    “when you’ve got the moxie, you need the clothes to match”
1930s: from Moxie, the proprietary name of a soft drink.
 So I drank it down and wrote this acrostic poem …
M onday, for once, things brightened up. He accepted a decent
O ffer for his run-down house from one who'd lived in it as a child.
X erxes Crumb was on the up and no mistake! How right Ma had been,
I t turned out, to name him after a mighty emperor! On Tuesday  
E verything went black. Moving in, the nostalgic buyer struck oil...


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Image: Moxie. Distinctively Different.

A Question for Darwin

I’m becoming ever so slightly obsessed with the notion of conveying big ideas in small spaces. Here is yet another unhinged attempt to knock the world into a cocked hat – an acrostic poem in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt Savage.

S o when did your slow and elegant dance of evolution, with
A ll life locked in Gaia's grand embrace, become a
V icious fight where dog eats dog bereft of pack support
A nd brothers break their sacred bonds without a backward
G lance? When money learned to talk, you might reply, and shattered
E den's shared peace with fake news of solo glory.


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Paris Discord

Thought I’d mark this miserable moment and subsequent news of the US withdrawing from the Paris Accord with a little lament, an acrostic using the WordPress Daily Prompt Brassy:

B arge past those wimps – let them get used to a brave new world where
R udeness rules and everything is up for grabs!
A ir, earth, water – the very
S tuff of beauteous life herself
S old to the highest bidder. Going, going,
Y es, g o i n g …

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Millagain …

When I saw the Daily Prompt word was Spike, how could I resist another tribute to the comic genius who kept us UK kids rolling around on the floor in the 1950s? Humour is notoriously hard to explain, so I’ll settle for affection … perhaps you’ll get a warm feeling from these acrostics.

For my earlier tribute to Spike Milligan, click

S illy Verse For Kids – we felt the
P ain of laughing till we cried but never had an
I nkling that you wrote the book to
K eep your own kids grinning, in agonised
E xpectation that divorce might tear them from you.

S ometimes the solemn
P retence of adult life
I s given a good
K icking when one of us breaks ranks and starts to
E ntertain his inner child.

S ad little Bluebottle,
P ipsqueak
I n
K neebritches, angry with
E ccles!


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New Lamps For Old!

A curiously mirthless response to the Daily Prompt Chuckle:

C ompare these shrinking horizons to that wide world where all were
H eroes once upon a dream. Remember how we
U sed to imagine ourselves somehow worth
C elebrating in stirring sagas to be
K ept for perpetuity in many-storied
L ibraries, those grand repositories of glorious
E xample? Hush … don’t snigger!