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Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Wait a mystic minute … three consecutive Daily Prompts with five-letter words?

It may come as a surprise to you but I read runes or tease out tealeaf-tattle with the best of them. And I can recognise an augury when I trip over it in the dark.

So after consulting a load of old crystal balls I have divined that those Wise Wizards at WordPress have sent out a coded challenge to those of us with the, ahem, gift to see … well, to those of us who like turning Daily Prompt words into acrostic poems … that’ll just be me, then! And the coded challenge? Write limericks, loser, or languish in the lost lands for all eternity!

Ever-eager for extra brownie points, I am going for the equivalent of a high-tariff dive by combining extreme brevity with the demanding acrostic format and a rare attempt to land a post on three simultaneous Daily Prompt pages. Never one to blow my own trumpet, of course, I leave any wild acclaim or thunderous applause to posterity.

A politician called Gall
G ot elected by promising all!
I f nothing went quite
L ike he said, well all right,
E very story but his was too tall.

S hop till you drop and when zapped,
H appiness comes gift-wrapped.
O ceans are dying,
C limate is frying –
K eep mouthing your mantra: ‘Adapt!’

B irdwatching bewitches geeks,
L ying in wait for weeks
I n the cold and damp
N ever far from cramp
K eeping shuteye at bay just for beaks.

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The Only Sin

L ives are precious, sacred, wondrous.
O nly a fool can fail to see such
O bvious truths and plan to take a life.
P lain to all, the golden rule that
H umankind does as it would be done by!
O nly a brute can bear to act outside the
L aw engraved on every righteous heart –
E qual chance for all or joy for none.


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Claiming the Future

E very single New Year’s Eve,
X avier Dingle likes to believe,
T hose bad old days are gone for good!
R esolutions lift his mood
A nd bring him hopes of bright new dawns –
V istas fresh as summer lawns –
A nd pure scenarios unfold of
G ardens glimpsed in stories told of
A dam and Eve in Paradise.
N ew Year’s Day, XD needs ice
T o ease his pounding headache. Nice.


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