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Conformity Blanket

Unless forewarned by those in charge,
no danger sets off my alarms
and doggedly I sit it out
whenever gossip gives me qualms -
awful rumours raise no doubt
regarding risk of public harms,
even though those threats loom large.

image: Pinterest

inspiration: Unaware from



rich beyond his wildest dreaming 
ebenezer bought his story 
cutting out the evil scheming 
overlaying greasy glory - 
read today, his good deeds gleaming, 
duped us all on jackanory

image: Amazon UK

inspiration: record from


The Past Sure Is Tense

Monks illuminate their letters.
Every peasant knows his betters.
Dukes and earls sport silks and pearls.
In castles kings plot thuggish things.
Epidemics stir up panics.
Vice is why death rates are high.
All this science spoils the mystery.
Let's pray and leave the rest to history.

A lesson in the art of Illuminated Letters

image: Wccusd.net

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5 WWE Submission Moves That Were Used To Make UFC Fighters Tap Out

image: Sportskeeda

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