You never know what is going to throw at you – all part of the challenge, I reckon, if you share my propensity to get creative only when my back is against the wall. Hmm, speaking of which, here’s an acrostic poem based on the word patrol:

people who are raised in free and equal
association with one another can always
tread the bounds of each and every new
relationship in amity – no border post
or frontier fence need come between –
let bigots build up walls however high!


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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This 50-word story was written, illustrated and published entirely by Jack.

Harry Potter was in the Great Hall and all the teachers were eating but Harry Potter wasn’t hungry and some one was trying to turn a bunch of apples into rum and Harry Potter burped and Ron got a letter.

It said do not open this note so he didn’t!


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Another effort from the grandad and grandson team … don’t have nightmares!

Jack and Lucy went up to an old house. Jack knocked on the door and it opened automatically with a loud creeeeeak!

They stepped inside and saw a large cobweb.

They went upstairs. They heard a low growl and went into a room to explore.

There was a lion!

They ran from the room, down the stairs, through the cobweb, out the front door and all the way home.


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make it new

My latest visit to threw up the word correspondence …

coming thick and fast
our troubles
rising tides
reducing hopes
experts giving ground to prophets
sifting sand like tin-pot
only one idea can save us
never tried though often thought
ditch the itch of acquisition
each true value can't be bought
novelty resides in nuance
cheap as chips and free to all 
every priceless insight yours to call

What’s in a Word?

It’s a year and a half now since they stopped posting them but – alack and alas, I blush to confess it! – still kinda miss those helpful little WordPress Daily Prompts and their soothing subtitle: Sometimes, you sit down to blog but your words and photos get stuck — prompts give them a push.

No use crying over spilt milk, of course, especially when your eggs are in more than one basket! Words are ten a penny and there are many ways to stumble across them. Open a dictionary, for example, and with eyes closed let your fingers do the walking. Or else click on a site such as which does exactly what it says on the tin.

The key thing, though, is to go with that word no matter what it is. After all, it’s hardly random if you have a choice. Unless you want some wriggle-room and decide to do best of three … 

I got porter. Almost clicked again but thought I oughta lead by example and stick with it!

perhaps      having much too much      to say 
or else      much too little time      to say     very much
reduces      my            desire
to string    words    like pearls      to say anything much
except when  words      picked at
random carry me from such silence      to say              something

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If anyone should come up with something from a random word, please send me a link – or else the something itself!

I’d love to read it … 🙂