Fancy Dress Shop

Professor Progrok explains his latest theory, thus:
suppose the random ragbag of odds-and-ends labelled
you is no more than a dressing-up box from which to
choose a role in the play for today? Will you be a
hero wanting to save the day before sundown
or a couch potato dreaming of heroism but
lost in cyberspace and soft imaginings
or else a villain disguised as a hero
guiding unwary travellers on to the rocks? –
yet there is only one costume – one size fits all!


Mr Benn, the children's TV classic inspired by Plymouth, has just turned 50  years old - Plymouth Live


image: Plymouth Live

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Mister Big

he doesn’t swing a pocket-watch and sing
you’re feeeling veeeery sleeeeepy but instead
posts pics of perfect people, paradise
not found without his phony foodstuffs fed
or lost until we buy his products twice –
trance these days is where we dream the world
is what it seems, when what it really is
seems like a dream of what the world could be
except for dreams of what is really his
dressed up to seem like dreams of you and me.

Motorola TV Ad 1951 | Where the whole "its okay for TV to ra… | Flickr

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Zoo Story

⚠Humans: the most evil and dangerous animals in the world!⚠ 🌱Go Vegan🌱  🌊🐳🐋🐟🌊 . . . . . #humans… | Dangerous animals, Animals of the world,  Vegan quotes funny

Regulate our rabid roaring.
Ease back every brutal word.
Stop the spread of sour suspicion.
Tell them too much hate is heard.
Rein in reckless rabbiting.
Ask angry creatures count to five.
Inch away from icy inclines.
No lemming leaps and stays alive.
The wise bee works to save the hive.

Watching 'The Most Dangerous Animals In The World' - The Bronx Zoo in 1963  - Flashbak

images: Pinterest and Flashbak

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