Risk Assessment

Alex Honnold Filmed in National Geographic's 'Free Solo' Movie
solo climbers travel quickly,
unencumbered all the way -
mountaineers in pairs go slowly,
making sure they're both ok -
if you want to get there safely,
two beats one most any day
why would you be "roped together" !?!?!?: climbing

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embarkation is tomorrow -
xenophobes need not apply -
peace and love our only cargo -
let the flags of freedom fly -
open hearts and minds unchained
relate new versions of old tales
about a once and future world
that glimmers still beyond the veils -
inward voyages discover
outward passions and uncover
nature's sure way to recover

Marcel Proust - The real voyage of discovery consists not...

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Eric buys a treasure map.
X appears to mark the spot.
Putting on his captain's cap,
Eric buys a luxury yacht.
Navigates the ocean blue.
Destination Dosh or bust!
It costs him lots to pay the crew.
Thirty years before the mast!
Until he digs the casket clear.  
Reads the note inside at last:
Eric spent me getting here.

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