Job Offer

Required: people to
enter politics whose
questioning minds and
unbiased outlooks
inspire the
rest of us to
emulate their right thinking,
making a great society where
everyone matters and
no one ever has
to face prejudice and discrimination –
start tomorrow!


7 Habits of Remarkably Successful Leaders |


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Brief Briefing

It is my sacred duty, as your elected leader,
never to leave you all in the proverbial
dark but always
instead to keep you fully informed
regarding absolutely anything and
everything you need to know unless of course I
consider that – like rubberneckers at a car crash –
there is really nothing here for you to see.


Pedestrian no entry sign extremely durable and weatherproof


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Virtual Reality

Crack the mirror. You and I were only ever
Us. Gaze instead into my eyes and I will
Look in yours. In time we’ll find a way
To share obscured dreams of days to come
Upon a common stage where clever avatars
Rehearse unscripted scenes post-quarantine –
Enactments of apotheosis, yours and mine!


Alexandra Epps on Twitter: "'The mirror crack'd' the drama of Lady ...


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