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I'm a retired teacher who now has more time for thinking, reading, writing, making music and blogging ...

Inside …

After Doing The Right Thing, here is Part Three of the Not-So-Sweet Saga …

I nside … prisoner Bob Down protests his innocence.
N obody takes a blind bit of notice.
V indication cannot come when you’re cherry red.
I t’s a clear-cut case of no fire without smoke.
S kin may be thin but it’s too thick to see through.
I nside …
B ob goes to ground afraid of a baying hound.
L ights Out is at ten o’clock but long before then his
E yes, dull as dishwater, have turned to the wall.


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Doing the Right Thing

Following on from my previous post – “Ain’t Me, Guv’!”  – here is a news update:

I (the yellow jelly baby) have a confession to make.
D own by name, down by destination, poor blushing Bob
E ats prison porridge while I – the real culprit –
N eck champagne and chomp chateaubriands … in a chateau!
T ravesty of justice, of course, and in all good conscience
C an’t possibly allow him to – mmm, so delicious! – allow him to …
A h,
L eave it!

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Continued in Inside …

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The Waiting Game

P ushing buttons connected to nothing,
A sking for help when nobody’s by,
T rying to leave when there’s nowhere to go,
I llness and danger and no end to why?
E mbracing loved ones who can’t be protected,
N o answers to children whose questions accuse …
C an you rest easy while others are helpless,
E xpect them to suffer what you would refuse?


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To One Considering Unnecessary Cosmetic Surgery

W aves leave
R ipple patterns
I n the sand.
N ature sculpts with Time –
K nitting brow and creasing cheek with
L ines of laughter, tracks of tears. But why do you want to hide
E vidence of living, like some guilty secret? Where’s your pride?


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Image: David Moynahan Photography

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Pushing at an Open Door

P rod a leaden sleeper, does he breathe?
R ile a spouting bigot, watch him seethe!
O pen up a can of worms for fun.
V olunteer to fight without a gun.
O perate a comic hit-and-run.
K ill the rush to scapegoat weak and poor.
E levate the right of all to more.


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Image: San Diego Reader

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