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Lugubrious Limerick

A chap said with rather a smirk,
Go out if at home you can’t work –
Ride buses and planes,
Even bug-ridden trains …
Everyone thinks he’s a berk!


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pretend you are permitted just one message
and all that you ever meant to say is now
restricted to
a few last words – allow yourself a vital
gasp of air while whirling emotions seek to
resolve themselves into fresh phrase
and novel sentence and the moment of truth draws near –
please, you cry, more time required for anything approaching
honesty! none left? oh well, then, something to do with love …


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Too True!

So tell us the answer,
oh please
let us know –
unless it’s
too leftfield,
in which case, please go –
or else find a
new one that won’t stop the show!


Technology and politics -- two paths that need to cross to ...


And that would have been that if I hadn’t seen the news photos of empty supermarket shelves that used to stock toilet rolls and found a new solution acrostic coming to mind:

sometimes there’s a problem
of such magnitude that
little folks like
us must put our heads
together to
investigate a way
out and
not race one another to the, er, bottom …


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plastics don’t pollute our waters –
rhythms of slow seasons rock –
every species finds a foothold
free from artificial shock –
elemental nature governs
rules of tidal ebb and flow –
experts track down earthly truths
not cloudy claims they’re in the know –
create this world of balance restored –
elect anyone not too easily bored …


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snake oiling

roll up my friends roll up and you shall truly witness
everything previously hidden from you behind the seven
veils of unknowingness manifested before your startled 
eyes - oh yes! - yours to have and to hold forevermore
at the tempting giveaway price of the more you pay the
less chance you have of walking back out into darkness


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