Time Flies

… and there, dripping bling and chillaxing on his big gold chair, only Henry the fricking Eighth!

OMG, thought Kylie, amazeballs! Dead gobsmacked – banter gone AWOL, brain in La La Land – she froze!

Henry scratched his moobs and yawned. Desperate, she groomed her silky hair. One green sleeve fell back to reveal a shapely wrist anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


McCauley Gibbon, putative chronicler of the past, shoved his laptop off the desk. His wild eyes drifted to the windowsill and its miscellaneous objects: bird-Quill, pen-knife, ink-pot …


‘Twas indeed the King, festooned in his finery, enthroned in languorous splendour. Poor Kate found herself speechless …


Image result for quill pen


Image: Farmers’ Almanac


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