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5 WWE Submission Moves That Were Used To Make UFC Fighters Tap Out

image: Sportskeeda

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Message to Minors

Today’s word was less than inspiring. I even had to look up what it meant.

My subsequent struggle to make some sort of sense, let alone come up with anything semi-entertaining, has resulted in a slightly finger-wagging tone. And its title turns the poem into a snooty little moral homily.

Picture a six or seven year old gazing uncomprehendingly at a fully-laid banquet table …

Rules of Civility: Dinner Etiquette – Formal Dining

forks & knives 
lead separate lives - 
apartheid rules 
their drawer duels - 
when at table 
alone unable - 
running in tandem 
eating's less random
Australian dining etiquette: When you are using a knife and fork, how do  you hold the knife? : r/australia

images: Gentleman’s Gazette & Reddit

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