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Five Haikus

flutter of white wings
across regency ballrooms
no butterfly hunt

fragments of that belt
adorn the highway behind
no drive to move on

follow a bright star
and find only your own face
nightly illumined

flow of tresses share
a river of light and air
never still somewhere

fury of high noon
appeased for a cool meanwhile 
not a long-term fix

How Bad Is Your Air-Conditioner for the Planet? - The New York Times

image: The New York Times

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time travel

music merges then and now
orchestrating where and when -
memory motifs recurring
every now and then -
no art but wants to play and sing
the beat of life going on


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Rollercoaster Ride

First thing I tried on today was a smile.
Later, I wore a frown.
Up went my mood while I sang in the rain.
Coming home wet brought me down.
Towards set of sun I was cheerful once more.
Until, as it does, down it went!
At bedtime the prospect of sleep cheered me up.
The absence of same left me spent.
It wasn’t the doldrums that kept me awake.
Or even the fear that my laughter was fake.
No. I worried my tears were not meant.


Emotional Roller Coaster: Overview and Tips for Coping


image: Flo

inspiration: FLUCTUATION from
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All You Need

Your eyes are like a mirror and what you see in me is a reflection of you |  Otrazhenie


If ways to love her could be counted,
numberless they’d prove to be
for all the world lies mirrored there
in each reflective quality –
no favourites can claim her hand
if all alike receive her grace –
take those blessings for yourself,
evolved to share her wide embrace.



image: Otrazhenie – WordPress.com

inspiration: Infinite from
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“Are we nearly there yet?”

Q.  Why are limericks like buses?
A.  Sometimes they come in threes!


Replying to back-seat cries,
our driver shouts Yes, soon! and sighs –
until passing just then
that old signpost again,
everyone thought he was wise.


Righto! (said the leader one day)
out of lockdown let’s make our way –
unless cases rise
to scary new highs,
ending the urge to make hay!


Rambling wild was our style
on explorings mile on mile –
up to half-way,
thrills ruled the day –
everything homeward was mild.



Man looking map confusing choose way Royalty Free Vector


inspiration: Route from
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Making Do

Sleep soundly, fellow citizen, for cake is coming.
Until then, just be grateful for your daily bread.
Building our brighter future begins next week.
Satisfy yourself, for now, with what you have.
Towards a better world we’re nearly ready to set sail.
If we think you’ll rock the boat, we’ll leave you on the shore.
Tomorrow there’ll be bluebirds up above, just wait and see.
Unicorns to follow. Pictures posted. Please enjoy.
There are the rainbows, their golden promise now fading in the sun.
Embroidered samplers still urge courage upon shadowy walls within.

Antique Excellent Embroidered Sampler with a very Wonderful | Etsy

image: Etsy

inspiration: SUBSTITUTE from
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