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Eric buys a treasure map.
X appears to mark the spot.
Putting on his captain's cap,
Eric buys a luxury yacht.
Navigates the ocean blue.
Destination Dosh or bust!
It costs him lots to pay the crew.
Thirty years before the mast!
Until he digs the casket clear.  
Reads the note inside at last:
Eric spent me getting here.

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Random Word Generator

Late Promise

Released at last from daily drudgery,
Ethelred put up his weary feet.
Time enough, he sighed, to write that book!
Ideas should flock like fervid flies round meat!
Relaxing in the blazing sun one day -
Excited by some opening-sentence play -
Ethelred, unready, passed away.
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Block and Tackle

Everything is ready now.

Xavier consults his lists.

Endless possibilities!

Clever starts and story twists.

Urgings, promptings, motivations.

Tabulated, good to go.

It’s not for want of preparations

Our poor author flounders.

No. It’s just his confidence that’s low.

The Myth About Writer's Block and How to Get Through ItPick the Brain |  Motivation and Self Improvement

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