26 reasons to watch Alan Partridge

Now this is something I can’t resist sharing. There’s only one reason for doing anything, they say, but I never do anything other people tell me so here is more than one. Yeah, people, suck on this!

I’ve shared this clip because (a) it mentions the word ‘Nomad’ (b) I like the scattergun satire of Alan Partridge (c) it’s clever (d) it’s funny (e) I can’t be bothered to think of anything original (d) it questions the whole concept of self in line with my previously stated intention to post about who I am (f) I like to share good stuff (g) it’s a handy filler while I’m composing the post mentioned in (d) (h) it’s a well-made little film (i) I like the colours (j) I don’t like Game of Thrones (k) I wish I’d thought of it and can bask in the glory of its creation as if I was a part of it (l) it contains schoolboy humour (m) it’s quintessentially British, whatever that means (n) the silent bit at the end is well worth waiting for (o) it sends up the idea of self-publicity (p) I like the unintentional self-revelations (q) it mocks snobbery and silly one-upmanship (r) he’s an even bigger loser than I am (s) I’m interested to see what others think of it (t) I enjoyed it (u) there is real truth behind the humour (v) (for American readers) there is real truth behind the humor (w) I do like to see a man in a cravat (x) there are obscure local references which will annoy foreigners (y) there is much in it for the international community to appreciate despite its somewhat parochial perspectives (z) we all need to laugh at ourselves but, failing that, let’s all laugh at Alan Partridge

Warning: this link may take a few moments to load up but it’s well worth the wait!



12 thoughts on “26 reasons to watch Alan Partridge

  1. Well I must admit that I’ve never really taken to Alan Partridge – until I saw Steve Coogan in that film Philamena and did a reassessment. I was interested to see the video you put up – I see what you mean.

    1. Yes, he is an acquired taste. There’s a bit of Alan Partridge in all of us, I think, and his stuff doesn’t always make for comfortable viewing. SC is a good straight actor, liked him playing himself in that food tour programme with Rob Brydon. Must catch him in Philomena …

  2. ROFLOL or whatever phrase is hip and in at the moment. Nomad, self, but not self, Wogan, Top Gear, not to mention a sneaky batch of hidden A-Z. Oh, and of course the to die for French mustard shoes. Can’t wait for the next post.

  3. So English, my wife frowns at his voice. I cannot help but be intrigued although I had to explain so much of this to my family and I miss the Goodies, I am off to youtube right now.

    1. AP is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. I love the way his boastful bumptiousness is undermined by a tendency to blurt out misconceptions and vulnerabilities. Don’t forget, AP is an idiot. The satire is aimed at a world full of surface confidence and underlying error, a deep cultural imbalance. Deep breath. I also love the Goodies …

  4. Nice clip. I think I prefer him in short segments – gives me chance to think about all the angles. Love the way you’ve matched the tone and style with your A – Z. Makes a nice lead-in.

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