Am I the man you wanted to become
 In all your wildest dreams at break of day
 When world was green and summer still to come,
 The ball in hand and everything to play?
 Time was when hopes were high and every hit
 A winner bound for glory. Only I
 Can see that curve-ball coming in a bit
 To leave you thrashing empty air and sky.
 I cannot climb like Alice through the glass
 To show you how to laugh away your tears -
 This one-way mirror lets no signal pass
 To tell you I'm the stronger for your fears.
 Alone you'll keep a vigil through the night
 To stand with me this morning in the light.


Inspired by the photograph above I started to write this sonnet but struggled with it until this morning when by chance a facebook friend posted the magical clip below. I’d seen it before but forgotten it.

Serendipity*, you might say, but how could I not finish the poem after seeing it again?

*If you want to read my earlier post on Serendipity, please click on the link in this sentence.





26 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. If we could just go back, even for an hour, what would we tell ourselves? What would that young self make of what we have become – the compromises, failures and decline? What happened to the ideals and hopes?
    You made me think.

  2. It makes me wonder Dave, when I started thinking about what I wanted to be as opposed to what I was. It’s a journey through a one-way mirror, ever so hard to go back. –Curt

  3. That’s a touching poem, as was the dance clip that accompanied your post. Incidentally, I’d love a mirror like that for days when I’m in danger of being late to work since I wouldn’t have to shave.

    1. Glad you liked it, Bun! I’m not a dance fan, usually, but this has such emotional depth it’s irresistible. Your mirror would also be great for giving one confidence before a date …

  4. Beautiful! I especially love “This one-way mirror lets no signal pass / To tell you I’m the stronger for your fears.” Something I need to remember right now!

    1. Appreciate that! What rings my bell is the idea that we are so many people and reflect so many cultures that we are close to a new evolutionary breakthrough … if that makes any sense. I love exploring unthought-of territory …

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