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Lugubrious Limerick

A chap said with rather a smirk,
Go out if at home you can’t work –
Ride buses and planes,
Even bug-ridden trains …
Everyone thinks he’s a berk!


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image: Dreamstime.com

source: agree from https://randomwordgenerator.com

Nine Lives

Inspired by a reply to my previous post, I resolved to write an acrostic verse with just one word per line. Here is Michael Halliwell’s succinct poem, itself inspired by this charming photo:


Image result for sleepy reader


You –



Purr-fect, isn’t it?

I think the art is in its simplicity. Often harder than it looks to marry grammatical sense and apt comedy in a few words!

So when I hit https://randomwordgenerator.com and got discovery, well, my quill wilted. So to speak. It’s not a very funny word.

But then again, just now, it’s not a very funny world.

I try to be hopeful, of course. But in case hope should fall short, this post ends with another cat picture.

Dare I suggest a caption competition? Or even some more one-word-per-line acrostic poems?





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images: Pamper My Pet and Reddit

Too True!

So tell us the answer,
oh please
let us know –
unless it’s
too leftfield,
in which case, please go –
or else find a
new one that won’t stop the show!


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And that would have been that if I hadn’t seen the news photos of empty supermarket shelves that used to stock toilet rolls and found a new solution acrostic coming to mind:

sometimes there’s a problem
of such magnitude that
little folks like
us must put our heads
together to
investigate a way
out and
not race one another to the, er, bottom …


Image result for empty toilet paper shelves


images: betanews.com and Forbes

source: solution from https://randomwordgenerator.com

Noblesse Oblige?

In a mood to speak out – particularly after my previous post on pressure to remain silent in the unfair face of social repression – I paid a visit to https://randomwordgenerator.com and was pleased to see understand.

Big words call for big ideas, I reckon, even if they’re a little obvious …


ups and downs are necessaries –
no progress without contraries –
damn the pampered rich from birth
expecting as of right that Earth
reward their unearned cash with more
so deftly lifted from the poor –
try harder says the worklife coach
and should you pick the right approach
no ceiling keeps you from the stars –
drones nod smiley heads in borrowed cars


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image: www.dailymail.co.uk


The Ones that Got Away!


Image result for stingray and people in aquarium

A glance through thickened glass reveals
Queer creatures drifting sadly by.  
Up and down they trail in shoals,
As if they're here but don't know why.
Ray, my flatmate, thinks they're lost - 
It seems they crawled from sea to sand - 
Underwater life they loved but
Maybe not so good on land?

Image result for people through aquarium glass


images: Dissolve and Flickr

source: aquarium from https://randomwordgenerator.com




Chemistry Lesson

Word Generator: Your word today is glue.
Me: Urgh, sticky!
WG: You don't have to interpret it literally, you know ...
Me: Hunh?
WG: Could be, say, the glue that holds a top band together. 
Me: You mean a contract?
WG: Philistine! No, I mean the musical telepathy that 
    distinguishes great bands from merely good ones!
Me: Oh yeah, I know, that's when the band actually start looking 
    around to see if there's a fifth member playing with them! 
WG: Not if they're a trio ...
Me: Hey, I do the funny stuff!
WG: Well, get on with it then!


going solo – fed the ego
lit the halo – lost the mojo
up & down – career a yoyo
ever after – just a sideshow


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