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My randomly-generated acrostic word for today is Form. Four letters, four lines required, fine! But the word, like many others, has different meanings so I decided to play around with four of them. One, at least, is a riddle. Even more confusingly, the picture I’ve chosen to illustrate the topic bears no relationship to any of them!

Fresh each day I make big plans to change,
overlooking Habit's sticking power -
right I tell myself you're now a new
man who can - but I can't above an hour!

flux is drift
outcomes shift
rock-beds rift
mountains lift

fast as the wind
out boxing in spring
rather long ears
my home starts these lines

First in every subject always was his biggest boast.
Outdoing classmates easily, well, he began to coast.
Real life came hard, without the prestige he was lost.
Me, I knew that being Number One came at a cost.

image: Zoho

inspiration: Form from


A is for Ass

Acme products always win,
depending on the punter's pin -
voting for the name on top
elects the chump who'll be a flop -
read the list as far as first
to hire the cowboy that's the worst -
if you'd like to laze today,
select the alphabetic way -
employ wild chance and start to pray!

image: TwistedSifter

inspiration: Advertise from