Hymn to Progress

Following on from my previous post, here’s a bit of musical support from another old idealist. All together now …

7 thoughts on “Hymn to Progress

    1. Sorry that sounded sarcastic – just goes to show how dangerous short comment can be. While I was trying to find out when he had written that song I realised that he has written 1556 of them at least. He was a great man for doing that as well as for his support for ideals. That’s why I added that comment – oops.


      1. Didn’t take it as sarcastic at all, Mike, in fact with all things eco a growing force the Wombles are surely countercultural heroes by now! Pete Seeger appears to have turned a rather dry statement by a town council into a stirring little singalong – there’s real honour in that – rather like Bob Marley when he turned a Selassie speech into this ringing anthem … https://youtu.be/loFDn94oZJ0


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