100 word story – Virtual Reality

” … and you’re like when will he say something because online he wrote loads but in person he’s this like total zombie and the silences are really embarrassing so you do all the talking and he just nods along not really listening which does your head in after a while and you’re like cat got your tongue then and he’s like don’t want to interrupt your fascinating Interior monologue and you’re like oh somebody swallowed a big dictionary but now it’s all gone pear-shaped and you tell yourself he may be a hunk but he’s also a skunk so good riddance … ”

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Image: Soul Train



22 thoughts on “100 word story – Virtual Reality

  1. Dave I too am speechless – but also very pleased that you are exteriorising your internal monologues for us!

    1. Haha, Curt, same difference I’d say … and if I was to trawl through my vast collection of handy sayings, I’d favour Out of sight, out of mind. It doesn’t quite fit but you could bend it in to shape … thanks for contributing to the ongoing inquiry into what’s going on!

  2. So glad I found this. Great writing and just the right length for a quick read. Love this – “don’t want to interrupt your fascinating Interior monologue” and of course the swallowing of the big dictionary.

  3. Food for thought Dave… The lines are awesome. Wish you a very happy 2017 🙂 Sorry I have been away for sometime. Now I am back. Gonna pay more attention to the ones I follow.

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