Inside: Rising Star Reveals All

C an you really bring yourself to
O pen the curtain on a secret that has
N ever before seen the light of day?
F amous at last, you yelp, while
E very passing newshound
S niffs your gatepost for fresh
S igns of easy availability!


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Image: Third Force News

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Bah Humbug!

J ingle Bells on AutoRepeat, Old Santa’s Cavern
O pens for festive fun. Your grumpy part-time elf trainees
L ine ’em up outside – a jabbering pesky playground queue who’ll
L eak all day no doubt all over you, already a-swelter in your plastic boots.
Y our practice Ho Ho Ho rings hollow through the grotto.


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Image: My Precious Roommate – blogger

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All At Sea: a story in 100 words

But one of us stood apart from our mad stampede towards terror, greeting each fresh outbreak of panic with a gentle smile and kindly eye.

We came to regard this saintly person as a confessor who would listen to our anguished outpourings without judgement or censure but with a sympathetic shrug or understanding nod. Few words of advice were offered. This meant any alleviation of pain must come from within.

This lesson was lost on our patient saviour who we found early one morning hanging from the yard-arm. There was no note but the message seemed clear: suffer in silence.


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Light Show

T he glass is dark and
E verything still to play for.
N othing is settled.
T ell those who say we are helpless before
E conomics or
R eligion that we will no longer
H azard our beauteous world
O n blind throws of loaded dice
O r bent theologies of personal salvation.
K ick off the ties that bind you to yourself.
S o much depends upon your breaking free.

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Image: Huffington Post

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