Fancy Dress Shop

Professor Progrok explains his latest theory, thus:
suppose the random ragbag of odds-and-ends labelled
you is no more than a dressing-up box from which to
choose a role in the play for today? Will you be a
hero wanting to save the day before sundown
or a couch potato dreaming of heroism but
lost in cyberspace and soft imaginings
or else a villain disguised as a hero
guiding unwary travellers on to the rocks? –
yet there is only one costume – one size fits all!


Mr Benn, the children's TV classic inspired by Plymouth, has just turned 50  years old - Plymouth Live


image: Plymouth Live

inspiration: Psychology from

14 thoughts on “Fancy Dress Shop

  1. Hero or couch potato. Never saw myself as a villain, Dave. But most villains probably don’t see themselves as villains either. Do you think the Donald does? One thing is for sure. It’s a lot easier being a couch potato dreaming of being a hero than it is to be one. –Curt

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