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Lest I Forget – a story in 100 words

Go!‘ yells the officer, blowing his whistle.

Climb the trench-wall, troop-of-pals, moving as one. All you been through together, well, nothing parts you now.

Once up, your line maintains a steady walk. Fearing friends may fall in front, you struggle to keep up through quagmires. Ahead, splashes of spent bullets. Few steps more and fresh-air starts screaming.

Giant punches flatten you.

Walk on, grief-stricken.

Sit in crimson mud-pools, crying Mother.

Somehow reach enemy trenches – try and shoot.

Crazy, look for limbs lost in mud.

Sudden darknesses.

Carry home casualties.

Conduct silent roll-calls.

Hope for rescue out here beneath icy stars.


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Image: The British Army

100 word story (#4)

Some comics you read without smiling. Monochrome eyes glare beneath furrowed brows and speech bubbles burst from gritted teeth: Gott im Himmel! and Take that, Fritz! 

You march into the Hall of Death hungry for heroes-and-villains, us-and-them, man-to-man. But old sagas sag between behemoths from forgotten battles, rusting hulks still reeking of leather and lubricant – artillery, jeeps, tanks – parked any-old-how as though abandoned by ghosts in a hurry.

You squeeze past huge metal coffins in darkness, gagging on cordite. A sudden shaft of daylight illumines a staff-car’s upholstery. On it, a dry bread-crust.

Well, you think, a Crumb of Comfort!


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Image: Olive-Drab

… and by opposing end them.

D o you recall the day we stood
I n battle order, side by side for once, old
G rudges dead and buried in a brand
N ew war on common foes – life-darkening ignorance, curable
I llness, the tyrant’s iron grip? O never
F orget this day, October 24 in 1945, when
Y ou and I hold hands across a sea of troubles …


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Image: the United Nations

Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Dignify

I wrote this to honour the day they founded the UN.