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100 word story (#2)

Glorious, darling, that sudden vista! – his mother’s telephone voice, of course, but why up here? Was she haunting him? If she found out he’d climbed a tree so high, she’d have kittens! The clifftop-walk above Shanklin – Children, away from those railings!


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Other voices, real this time, petulant as mice. He glanced down between his toecaps: three tiny heads, his tormenters, bickering amongst themselves. Drop a nut, whispered another ghost, surprise ’em! 

But he would keep this to himself: no vainglorious boasting … though victory nonetheless. Every step a triumph over terror!

Up here – if nowhere else – he was untouchable, unreachable, invincible.



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The heat was on. Tiny movements made them sweat so they sat still as stone in the shade of their broken-down car, with the incongruous taste of antifreeze on their lips.

Another time they might have appreciated the irony. Later they would have laughed till they cried. But now their eyes only swept the horizon and beseeched that cruel, unwavering line to break and deliver up … oh, anything! … a truck, a camel, a cloud. The lizard raised one foot after another, as if to teach them his dance of life.

Shimmer, was it … over there?

Calm yourself. They didn’t notice.


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100 word story: Roots Stew

“You not from round here, then?”

They surrounded him, their faces tight and closed. A truthful answer might be his death warrant.

“As a matter of fact, I was born in that house over there. Local boy, me! Well, I had to come back and see the old place once more before I … ”

Their eyes widened. He pressed on.

“Six weeks left, the doctors say. But standing here in Bafflesby beside you guys is a tonic all by itself. No place like home, eh, rubbing shoulders with your own kind? Gotta tell you, feels so good!”

“We in Dumbleton, fella …”


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