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Still Here

It is still here in our tired smiles –
mouths fighting gravity in search of simple
pleasures, that old innocence of shared
laughter and sweet companion tears shed
in common sympathy – our soul shelter from the
cold that creeps
into every heart,
that dirty liar who whispers still we stand and fall alone.


Friendship in the Time of Technology | HuffPost


image: http://www.huffingtonpost.com

source: implicit from https://randomwordgenerator.com


Can You Sign For This?

The acrostic poem below could be regarded as a companion piece to my previous post, Twitter Feed. They were written in response to consecutive Daily Prompts – this time it was Delivery – and appeal to my instinct for creating something new from whatever happens to be around.

Without this I might lose my way in all the clutter. Oh well, when the script runs out it’s time to improvise. And while we’re searching dark clouds for silver linings, maybe there’s a longer post in all of that. In the meantime … and we live in pretty mean times … here is this:

D oom and gloom are
E verywhere and
L ove is on the run.
I ll the wind that causes dreams to
V anish one by one.
E ach of us could grieve apart and
R ue the day they're born. But
Y ou and I know better. Together we are one.


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Trying and failing to resist a double whammy of jet-lag and sleep deprivation – it seems like only the young fall asleep easily on long-haul flights in economy class! Will catch up on what other people have been posting when I recover …

In the meantime here’s a quick acrostic response to the current Daily Prompt which is, er, Resist.

R eject
E ach label they try to
S lap on you and
I nstead become
S omebody who can
T ick every box.

This wonderful little film captures the idea much better than I can: