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New Year Resolution (Late Entrant)

After a spell away from home with limited internet access, I’ve been catching up on other WordPress posts like crazy.

I follow more sites than follow me – a legacy of my early and perhaps cheeky efforts to gain readers by sending people links to my posts – although the gap has narrowed with time. But keeping up with them all means less time spent on my own posts, not to mention my own family! (They’d rather I didn’t, anyway … mention them, I mean!)

Visiting a large number of sites in a short time is like keeping a whole bunch of plates spinning on poles. It’s very easy to lapse into skim-reading, looking for hooks on which to hang witty, wise and pertinent replies … although if I have ever sent you a witty, wise and pertinent reply – or even an impertinent one – you have my solemn word that I read every single one of yours!

This time, with jet-lag threatening my concentration, I decided only to view posts from bloggers who have replied to my posts in the recent past. And I’m very glad I did. They were without exception witty, wise and pertinent to my current concerns. On my wavelength, you might say, tuned into the way I was feeling. My only question is, why the hell haven’t I done this before?

My days of chasing new readers are done. And anyway, too many of my more recent followers are concerned with self-promotion rather than self-examination. Ha, you may say, he can talk after confessing to shameless marketing of himself as a new blogger! But from now on I intend to develop more two-way correspondences with fellow seekers after the truth. In a fun way. Blogging is fun, right?


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Image: http://iquitagain.com/a-year-on-purpose/283-too-many-spinning-plates

100 word story: Missing Ingredient

She opens her eyes.

Another morning. Unwashed clothes … half-shut cupboards full of stuff she can’t wear … sink crammed with dirty dishes … TV screens pre-loaded with programmes she doesn’t want to watch … and everywhere portals to a cyberspace bristling with trash, trolls and trollops.

Another day of doom, gloom and desperate bursts of escapism – addictions to comfort-eating, alcohol stiffeners, airhead channel-hopping. But you can’t escape bad news in 2016 … nothing to do but Mope.

She shuts her eyes … and opens them again.


The stupid world is happy without her! High time to get up, then, and let them know what they’re missing …

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