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Propinquity Iniquity

Each day my father said to me,
Son, in time, all this is yours.
To my own child I say the same.
Ask not, How come all this is ours?
That page is lost from history.
Effect detached from ancient cause.

image: 13 Prayers

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Flood Prevention

Castles built to last forever,
ruined monuments to greed -
only sharing out our fortunes
stems the tide of human need -
sovereign states cooperate
if borders need to be controlled -
no gap between the rich and poor
guards long when lives are bought and sold.

image: HeritageDaily

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A is for Ass

Acme products always win,
depending on the punter's pin -
voting for the name on top
elects the chump who'll be a flop -
read the list as far as first
to hire the cowboy that's the worst -
if you'd like to laze today,
select the alphabetic way -
employ wild chance and start to pray!

image: TwistedSifter

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