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suppose you were to 
abandon us here without
your final orders

secrets germinate
alone and fade one by one
yet blossom when shared

set a course without
agreement from the crew and
you might not arrive

stopping despots from
arising comes from speaking
your truths to power

seeing someone wronged
and staying silent is to
yield ground to evil

speak your mind or hear
another voice emerge from
your own silent lips

surprise the world with
a word collection never
yet put together

suddenly brave I
ask her out and praying for
yes prepare for nowt
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embarkation is tomorrow -
xenophobes need not apply -
peace and love our only cargo -
let the flags of freedom fly -
open hearts and minds unchained
relate new versions of old tales
about a once and future world
that glimmers still beyond the veils -
inward voyages discover
outward passions and uncover
nature's sure way to recover

Marcel Proust - The real voyage of discovery consists not...

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