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frothy friday

a surf-riding blogger called dave
wrote a post on the crest of a wave
he was cool he was hip
but his mood took a dip
when he found he’d forgotten to save

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 image: surfer.com

Gone Fishing!

When it’s over a week between posts
And ideas come and go just like ghosts,
There’s nowt wrong with tosh
Or a bit of old bosh –
Though it might not bring plaudits and toasts!


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Kicking Against The Pricks

One poem per post? Who says? Here’s three for ya!


R ather than just cruise on autopilot to any and
e very old theme-park they choose to send you,
b etter by far to stick a pin in the map –
e ach surprise destination a new tomorrow. Best of all,
l earn to map-read. Real places are out of sight, off-piste.


R epeating pure guff off a page
E arns many a lackey their wage,
B ut let them once spy
E very word is a lie –
L oad up paychecks or lock the cage.


R emember the stroppy guy at the back of the room that nothing suited?
E ven the most obvious, trivial truths were grist to his tricksy mill.
B lack was white, he’d say, or maybe an undiscovered shade of grey.
E veryone else wanted to move to the vote and go home, pub, anywhere!
L isten, he’d say, get this wrong and out there could disappear …


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Image: Twitter

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