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Whenever my random word generator site presents me with a five-letter word – where each letter has to start a line in an acrostic poem, though goodness knows why! – I’m often in two minds.

Serious Me wants to write about something significant; Silly Me wants to write a limerick.

This time, for the sake of some peace and quiet, they can both have their way …


There once was a green world where youth
Respected their elders for truth.
It shriveled and died
Because old misers lied –
Ecocide is a crime with no sleuth.



Isolated Nomads Are Under Siege in the Amazon Jungle



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Zero Sum Game

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S uch
I s the cold and crazy complexity of the
M arket
P lace that sometimes even
L ife
I tself is a chance throw of the dice
F or stakes of bare survival.
Y ou cast-iron winners OK with that?


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Two Thousand and Eight

Here is my latest acrostic, in response to the Daily Prompt Angry

I was angry with myself for not being able to come up with this yesterday but I slept on it and – lo and behold! – the first line was there in my sleepy head this morning. And I thought of a twist on the old saying: always let the sun go down on your anger. This gave me the idea of ending the poem with another twisted moral.

After the lies, the promises:
No more of those bad old days when the rich
Grew fat and the poor wore out! But now
Reality's cold dawning brings bad news:
You once were shy and now have been twice bitten.



Image: mindblog.dericbownds.net