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… and by opposing end them.

D o you recall the day we stood
I n battle order, side by side for once, old
G rudges dead and buried in a brand
N ew war on common foes – life-darkening ignorance, curable
I llness, the tyrant’s iron grip? O never
F orget this day, October 24 in 1945, when
Y ou and I hold hands across a sea of troubles …


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Image: the United Nations

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I wrote this to honour the day they founded the UN.

Gabbling Market

Morning and evening
Maids heard the goblins cry:
“Come buy our orchard fruits,
Come buy, come buy … “
                                                                              from ‘Goblin Market’ by Christina Rossetti

H ow often have we found ourselves lost
I n silent fury when we look and listen for shared
D reams of sparkling futures – visions and wild anthems to
D raw and sing us together – but there is only
E ver the old mad clamour for our attention: Come buy!
N o wonder we miss the crazy diamond in the dirt.


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Image: inspire.starforge.co.uk

100 word story: Too Much To Dream Last Night?

You awake from a lucid dream with a sure-fire scheme: to rescue humankind from its hellish vortex of greed, conflict, prejudice, exploitation and inequality. You envisage taking to the airwaves, unfolding beauteous designs for a creative fusion of knowledge and empathy that can vanquish those hungry old ghosts and their howling black dogs forever.

But O, what if your words became a Magnet for the wrong kind of attention? How easy to imagine a secret cabal of dodgy financiers, armament vendors, people traffickers and rabid elitists eyeballing your head above that parapet!

Pull up the covers. Go back to sleep.


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Image: Ergoflex

Game On!

I like to think my blog observes good netiquette. This means that I try to abide by the rules of the officers’ mess, as explained to me by my father who served in WWII – rules designed to prevent unnecessary arguments amongst people that have to work as a team. No mention of sex, religion or politics then …

Ho hum … weather’s been nice today, hasn’t it?

Ah, to hell with it! Are you as fed up as me with the low level of political debate everywhere? In place of long-term solutions, all we get are short-term promises and glib soundbites. There is little real analysis, in-depth investigation, development of expertise. We are governed by fear and ruled by division. Where are the big ideas to tackle the huge problems we face in the world? Where are the people with courage to speak the sometimes unpalatable truth about what should be done?

The system rewards those who play safe. A biased press pounces on anyone who promotes adventurous solutions which threaten the status quo. And far too many politicians, particularly those in office, seem to have adopted/adapted José Mourinho’s football methodology (click link for the sport side) as outlined by his biographer, Diego Torres:

1. The game is won by the team who commit fewer errors.

2. Football favours whoever provokes more errors in the opposition.

3. Away from home, instead of trying to be superior to the opposition, it’s better to encourage their mistakes.

4. Whoever has the ball is more likely to make a mistake.

5. Whoever renounces possession reduces the possibility of making a mistake.

6. Whoever has the ball has fear.

7. Whoever does not have it is thereby stronger.

Now such shenanigans may bring dividends in soccer – send everyone to sleep and sneak in the back door, perhaps – but it’s no way to run a country. Leadership is about much more than hanging back and waiting for opponents to screw up. You have a responsibility to come up with fresh ideas. And with a frightening plethora of international problems facing humankind, from spreading conflict to ecological degradation, we need outward-looking statesmanship – no gender bias intended! – rather than petty, parochial point-scoring.

Football and politics have one obvious thing in common: both are corrupted by money. But it’s one thing to strangle soccer in pursuit of victory, quite another to stifle public debate in pursuit of private gain. Politics may be the art of the possible, but it should also be the science of the necessary. Let’s hear from all sides before we reach conclusions. For without contraries, as William Blake said, there is no progress.

With so much to be done to create a world fit for future generations, it’s high time we upped our game. Football can be beautiful. Politics can be true.


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Image: AliExpress.com

Joyeux Sans Frontieres

I’ll end my week of acrostic poems with this plaintive plea for a pleasant world where you can wander wherever you like with no need of a Passport.

P ersons unlucky enough to be born in
A failed state will continue to be viewed with
S uspicion bordering on contempt until
S uch time as more successful
P owers are mature enough to stop
O perating proxy wars and start enforcing the
R ule of international morality.
T ime heals. Customs posts become viewing hides in nature reserves.


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Image: Attenborough Nature Centre

Life Sentence

A child discovers wonders every day
And paints a golden picture of his world,
As stepping-stones to island haunts make way
For archipelagos and tales untold.
O where can he belong who seeks from birth
The answers to all questions – keys of mind
To treasure-chests of truths – but here on Earth
In free and equal friendship with his kind?
Though walls arise imagination soars
Beyond their shadow to a sunlit land
Where smiles greet strangers, sorrow opens doors
And dreams come true by popular demand.
The child I was once painted this in gold
And will not let me rest now I am old.


I’ve written this sonnet to try and encapsulate some of the themes that have been swirling around my three previous posts, best read in sequence – Art Attacks # 1,2 and 3. Probably tried to cram in too much but, heigh-ho, you only live once!


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Image: EnviroMat