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The Waiting Game

P ushing buttons connected to nothing,
A sking for help when nobody’s by,
T rying to leave when there’s nowhere to go,
I llness and danger and no end to why?
E mbracing loved ones who can’t be protected,
N o answers to children whose questions accuse …
C an you rest easy while others are helpless,
E xpect them to suffer what you would refuse?


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Image: pinoydental.com

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The authorities are working round the clock to decipher this desperate message.

Actually, the desperation is theirs. Can you help them decode it?

H ave just been captured by geese. They will 
O verfeed me to death if pate de fois gras is 
N ot banned immediately. Rescue, I'm told, is impossible. They    
K eep their password secret, should you come disguised as a goose!

All too easy for us to laugh at other creatures, don’t you think? It’s like mocking foreigners who make mistakes in the language we have learned from birth. But the ancient species of waterfowl known as Antidae have long been useful to humankind. It is reputed that they once saved Rome from the barbarians. Not that they had much choice in the matter …

H ere we sit
O n the edge of a cliff, caged like canaries -
N othing else to do, when the 
K illers come creeping, but sing out danger.

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Night on a Bare Mountain


There comes a point in every life online

When laughter dies. We sense the biting storm

That others feel beyond our virtual home.

The dispossessed cry O for such a voice

But we fall silent, waiting for their word.

The question, my friend, is trembling on their lips –

Our answer still blowing in the wind.


(with apologies to Bob Dylan and the multitudes even he failed)

Dave Kingsbury