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Risk Assessment

Alex Honnold Filmed in National Geographic's 'Free Solo' Movie
solo climbers travel quickly,
unencumbered all the way -
mountaineers in pairs go slowly,
making sure they're both ok -
if you want to get there safely,
two beats one most any day
why would you be "roped together" !?!?!?: climbing

images: National Geographic, Reddit

inspiration: summit from


The Appliance of Science – a story in 100 words

Case notes. Planet #3, Star-System #495177230648683. Deep archaeological analyses indicate rapid evolution of intelligent primate species followed by sudden decline/disappearance. Unlike previous extinctions, appears self-inflicted. Evidence from widely-scattered artefacts suggests that the early social-cooperation instinct universal to all advanced species was – for reasons yet unclear – supplanted by an overwhelming urge to compete. This set individual against individual and group against group, leading to chronic over-consumption of resources. Undervalued and depleted natural-science investigation meant rear-guard efforts to shepherd/conserve environment too little, too late. Full contact with remaining species awaits detailed linguistic analysis but positive  signs observed in early encounters with ants and cockroaches.


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Image: The Taxman