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Reasons to be Cheerful …

Haven’t felt like posting for a while. Or reading other people’s posts, for that matter.

It’s not much fun sitting around in somebody else’s clothes – especially if they’re too small for you – while you wait for your delayed baggage to be delivered.

I’ve spent hours online trying to get some response from the airline, who had faithfully promised to keep us informed.

Guess what. Zilch.

8 days we had to wait before last night our bags finally came through. At last we could give our family the presents we’d chosen, the baby clothes we’d bought for our new grandchild, the TV box-sets they can’t get hold of. It feels like our stay with them has begun all over again.

Still, I’ve learned one lesson. Banging your head against a brick wall isn’t so bad, after all  … it’s really nice when you stop.