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What’s in a Word?

It’s a year and a half now since they stopped posting them but – alack and alas, I blush to confess it! – still kinda miss those helpful little WordPress Daily Prompts and their soothing subtitle: Sometimes, you sit down to blog but your words and photos get stuck — prompts give them a push.

No use crying over spilt milk, of course, especially when your eggs are in more than one basket! Words are ten a penny and there are many ways to stumble across them. Open a dictionary, for example, and with eyes closed let your fingers do the walking. Or else click on a site such as https://randomwordgenerator.com/ which does exactly what it says on the tin.

The key thing, though, is to go with that word no matter what it is. After all, it’s hardly random if you have a choice. Unless you want some wriggle-room and decide to do best of three … 

I got porter. Almost clicked again but thought I oughta lead by example and stick with it!

perhaps      having much too much      to say 
or else      much too little time      to say     very much
reduces      my            desire
to string    words    like pearls      to say anything much
except when  words      picked at
random carry me from such silence      to say              something

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If anyone should come up with something from a random word, please send me a link – or else the something itself!

I’d love to read it … 🙂


Water Cycle

Remember this friendly voice?

Sometimes you sit down to blog but your words and photos get stuck – prompts give them a push

That’s right, the late lamented WordPress Daily Prompt – gentle nudge of encouragement or brutal kick up the backside, depending on how far down the road of utter uselessness we were.

At the moment I’m an unlucky thirteen days up a clueless cul-de-sac and shaking my silent satnav in blind fury … although just now I remembered a useful link and, er, hit it.

Wanna know the useful link? Anyone who’s never short of subjects to write about can look away now. For the rest, here is a pretty handy webpage:


I got river, which I’ve made into an acrostic poem.

r olling ever down to wider seas
i carry weight of memory with ease
v olumes still unwritten seek their end in
e stuaries where water stories blend in
r ain clouds moving back to feed our source

Well, it’s a start … here’s hoping it’s set the ball rolling again!


Image result for water cycle diagram

Are We There Yet? (8/8)

I could have told a simpler tale, without this pressing
N eed to string my snaky sentences around
E ach letter of a given word. But there again,
F itting phrase to form is half a poem’s fun.
F or pity’s sake, you cry, don’t leave us high and dry …
I s Blushing Bob to languish while Yellowbaby basks?
C ut to the chuffing chase, then, Bob’s turned whistle-blower!
I n a flash the fuzz tracked down those Lucky Charms,
E ach step a little closer to Yellowbelly’s hide.
N ow he’s in jug while Bob’s cheeks blush – though now, of course, with pride.
T he End.  PS It’s not over till the jelly baby springs!  (Oh yes it is! Ed.)


Image result for red jelly baby


Image: Night Owls

Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Inefficient

A Flash in the Pan?

E rnest by name and earnest by
N ature, he’s spent a small fortune seeking the answers to What? and Why?
L aughter is another country and the gloom deepens when a four-figure
I nvoice from his latest Spiritual
G uru falls through the letterbox one morning. Money for old rope,
H e mutters, recalling how that rogue climbed the cord to the very
T op and vanished into thin air just like the Cheshire Cat. Old rope …
E rnest frowns at the frayed coil on the carpet. A broad smile appears from
N owhere. Before it can fade, he seeks within for his second-ever joke.

Image result for indian rope trick

Image: Zouch Magazine

Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Enlighten

Guru to the Dispossessed

Before my next post, here is a message from our sponsor – Blue Sky Solutions, Inc.

S o here is that good news you’ve been waiting for: a philosophy of fresh
U nderstandings and astounding insights,
B ringing food for thought to a world
S tarving for new ideas.
T rust us, friends, for we
A im at
N othing less than a revolution in human consciousness to heal all
D ivision
A nd unify hearts and minds in a smileyhappypeople kind of way.
R ead our latest publication, priced beyond your means, and learn to live with
D isappointment.


Image result for blue sky thinking


Image: WGSN

Stimulus: the WordPress Daily Prompt Substandard

New Lamps For Old!

A curiously mirthless response to the Daily Prompt Chuckle:

C ompare these shrinking horizons to that wide world where all were
H eroes once upon a dream. Remember how we
U sed to imagine ourselves somehow worth
C elebrating in stirring sagas to be
K ept for perpetuity in many-storied
L ibraries, those grand repositories of glorious
E xample? Hush … don’t snigger!


Joyeux Sans Frontieres

I’ll end my week of acrostic poems with this plaintive plea for a pleasant world where you can wander wherever you like with no need of a Passport.

P ersons unlucky enough to be born in
A failed state will continue to be viewed with
S uspicion bordering on contempt until
S uch time as more successful
P owers are mature enough to stop
O perating proxy wars and start enforcing the
R ule of international morality.
T ime heals. Customs posts become viewing hides in nature reserves.


Image result for nature reserve hide


Image: Attenborough Nature Centre