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Short & Sweet

In reply to my previous post Like Starting AgainMike Halliwell has come up with this elegant one-word-per-line acrostic poem – a timely thought when the only way he, I and so many others can contact our grandkids is online:


Now there’s a happy marriage of subject and sense! Wanting to try something similar, I visit my go-to word-generation site in hopes of inspiration.

I get dash. 

That’s not to say my hopes are dashed, of course, because the big idea behind random generation is to make the best of whatever comes one’s way. Life skills and all that. And what is a word, I ask myself, but a web of fruitful associations … language …. culture ….. evolution …… ?

I wake up twenty minutes later and decide to consult the dictionary. Too heavy to lift off the shelf, alas, so I google the word instead! Ah yes, many meanings, and three of them feature below …


BLOODHOUND'S World Land Speed Record Attempt | Jobsite Worklife


harpo marx on Tumblr


Children stick rainbow drawings in their windows to boost ...

Nine Lives

Inspired by a reply to my previous post, I resolved to write an acrostic verse with just one word per line. Here is Michael Halliwell’s succinct poem, itself inspired by this charming photo:


Image result for sleepy reader


You –



Purr-fect, isn’t it?

I think the art is in its simplicity. Often harder than it looks to marry grammatical sense and apt comedy in a few words!

So when I hit https://randomwordgenerator.com and got discovery, well, my quill wilted. So to speak. It’s not a very funny word.

But then again, just now, it’s not a very funny world.

I try to be hopeful, of course. But in case hope should fall short, this post ends with another cat picture.

Dare I suggest a caption competition? Or even some more one-word-per-line acrostic poems?





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images: Pamper My Pet and Reddit

Word Hoard

There’s an interesting report in yesterday’s Guardian Review of a new book about word games and literary puzzles which certain authors have used to generate writing. Here’s a link to it – The Penguin Book of Oulipo – and reading this review was food for thought because of my curious preoccupation with ‘found’ words, those that appear whenever I click on https://randomwordgenerator.com

I never let a word go by without trying to use it. Of course the results can be patchy – some words trigger more ideas than others – but I always resist the temptation to skip through for ‘better’ words. Language is a currency which can, all too easily, become devalued.

It’s also a democracy – so here are three recent acrostic poems which I haven’t the heart to turn away from the door. Clerk, Twitch, True. Each little effusion is a poor thing but mine own … 

crack open any word
like an ancient
egg and
recover long lost meanings
killed by thoughtless custom


triumph was finally within reach as I presented His Majesty 
with my pièce de résistance - the delicious dish that would
introduce my hitherto criminally-ignored culinary genius 
to le beau monde after way too many years in potwashing obscurity -
chacun à son goût, I chortled, just before the sudden bite of a
horsefly made me dump my steaming-hot chef-d'oeuvre into the Royal Lap!


tell me what you
really think
unless you feel
empowered by drink


Empty Promises

Yes, Doctor WordPress, I was going to give acrostics a rest but … well, you see, I noticed that your Daily Prompt word was Dim and … oh, you know how it is, when that little old urge grabs you by the … I mean, a three-letter word, almost begging you to write a haiku or two … OK, six, but I’ll give ’em up for Lent … promise!

D arkness cloaks the world –
I t’s an eclipse but some think
M onsters eat the sun.

D on’t heed no science!
I t ain’t their place to know what
M y old book don’t tell ’em!

D o you come here much?
I say that it’s my first time.
M ine too. What’s it like?

D unces’ Corner, where
I learned teachers’ predictions
M ostly would come true.

D istant galaxies
I cannot name or number
M oving out of sight …

D ave, switch off that light,
I must get my beauty sleep!
M mm, darkness helps …


Image result for darkness



Image: The religious imagineer

You Can Have Any Colour You Like As Long As It’s Orange!

Here are three for the price of one to end my little festival of acrostica. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Suppose now I’ll have to start thinking of something sensible to post about …


P olice came knocking on my door last night, ‘In
R esponse to a complaint,’ they said, ‘about music.’
E ver ready and willing to help, my very
F irst thought was to turn the volume down. ‘Is that
E nough?’ I asked. ‘Any level of free jazz is too loud,’ they
R eplied. ‘We’re preferring charges.’ I told them I’d prefer they didn’t.Image result for free jazz






P assion
R emembers.
E nnui
F orgets.
E asy choice if you’re sane!
R un that by me again …

Image result for forgetting


P lease don’t ask me whether I would
R ather attend this or that school, this or that hospital.
E very time you saddle me with choice, you duck responsibility and
F orgo your firm claim to be in charge. Any government worth the name makes
E ach school and every hospital a haven of excellence and safety.
R ather let us choose between the people’s champions and charlatans like you.

Image result for education and health



Fine Art America

Debug Lies

National Research and Development Centre for adult literacy and …

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