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100 word story: A Sudden Itch

“So are you going to leave the phone ringing all damn night?

“I was just – ”


“Doesn’t matter … Hello?”

Mister Lamb?

“Speaking … ”

This is Pandora from LoveNest Lettings. I see that you and Mona have been at 13 Junction Street for seven years. Congratulations!

“Thank you, Pandora … Is that it?

Well, no sir, your lease is up for Renewal and we need your signatures.”

Who the hell is Pandora?”

“A very sweet girl who thinks it’s a pretty big deal we’re still here.”

Tell her to mind her own business!

“Thank you, Pandora, but the contract no longer interests us. Goodbye … ”

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100 word story: Crowd Fever

He struggles through all the boos and catcalls to the end of his speech. And now, at last, here is his reward: a standing Ovation. He raises his hand to acknowledge the applause, delighted that the long-suffering silent majority are finally able to show him their support and contempt for the rudeness of a few ignorant hecklers. He smiles and waves.

The steel is cold on his wrist as the handcuff clicks round it.

He turns to see the stage crowded with uniformed police officers. And he realises that what sent the audience into such sudden rapture was their arrival.


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Magic Circle (a 100 word story)

     Iron_Helmet_SK (2)

                         ‘Helmet For Sale. Owner Forced To Sell. All Offers Considered.’

Intrigued, I phoned the number.

“Yes?” She sounded tired.

“Five pounds?” I suggested, chancing it.

“Whatever … I’ll bring it round.”

I stood at the window, curious, but saw nobody. On a whim, I opened the door. There it was, inside an old shopping bag, a mighty weight.

The hall mirror beckoned. The helmet was a perfect fit … but the mirror melted, the wall was a weeping waterfall, the town became trees … an unbearable vision, a long-vanished world.

In mourning, I cried all night.

Next morning, I phoned my advert in.

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