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100 word story – The Eyes Have It

So typical of her lovely Toby to make himself scarce while she entertained Tony! How many men would be trusting enough to leave their girlfriend alone with an old flame, especially when they knew the fire still flickered?

Gazing into Tony’s soft brown eyes, she clung to her image of Toby trudging bravely along the dark canal on a dank afternoon. How horribly easy to imagine him disappearing into the freezing mist …

‘Oh no,’ she said.

‘But weren’t you just a little bit Tempted?’

She gazed into his frank blue eyes, their lashes still wet. Trust deserved honesty.

‘Oh yes.’


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100 word story – Role Swap

A man of his times, Zebadiah Crossing was surrounded by women who had a way of smiling sweetly and deferring to their menfolk. But something drew him to the spirited Nora Double who liked to go her own sweet way, no shrinking violet.

She would only accept his marriage proposal on condition she kept her maiden name. Hyphenation was the obvious compromise although he put his foot down to insist his surname precede hers on grounds of gender and alphabetical precedence. Being illiterate, however, Zebadiah commanded Nora to go register their joint title.

It was the first of many reversals.


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100 word story – Forgiven


April nodded.

“But not forgotten?”

Trust him to come up with a cliché at a time like this! She watched the soles of her mother’s feet turn purple, as the nurses told her they would. Everything was correct.

Mum had cared about propriety until the last. “Is this normal?” she’d asked when her words began to flutter like released butterflies. “I’m glad. Where are my black nurses?”

They’d worked out what she meant. Mum wanted the ward orderlies who cleaned her room.

The ones who talked to her. They’d come in smiling. Now April smiled at her brother.



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100 word story – Virtual Reality

” … and you’re like when will he say something because online he wrote loads but in person he’s this like total zombie and the silences are really embarrassing so you do all the talking and he just nods along not really listening which does your head in after a while and you’re like cat got your tongue then and he’s like don’t want to interrupt your fascinating Interior monologue and you’re like oh somebody swallowed a big dictionary but now it’s all gone pear-shaped and you tell yourself he may be a hunk but he’s also a skunk so good riddance … ”

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100 word story: Centenary Celebration, 2117

Why, nobody knows, but one morning people woke up and stopped buying stuff. They started to make do with what they had. They learned how to look after it so that it didn’t lose its value.

When it fell apart they got it mended.  Repair became big business and craft guilds returned. Quality control improved because consumers demanded things were built to last.

Buying less, people worked less and had time for hobbies they could turn into new work opportunities. People wanted more from their local neighbourhood: leisure activities, fresh produce, communal life.

The Year this began, everybody agrees, was 2017.

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100 word story: More Heat Than Light

But perhaps the strangest species we observed was the smugly self-styled Homo Sapiens whose unfortunate belief that they had been created wise meant that they could never learn from their mistakes because they would never admit to one another that they had made any. Too late they discovered the universal principle of evolution with its central idea of mutual metamorphosis and so continued to reject humble collaboration in favour of boastful individualism. Once a year they set off fireworks to celebrate the curiously Hopeful wishes they all shared for a brighter future but even this turned into a bragging contest.

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100 word story: Missing Ingredient

She opens her eyes.

Another morning. Unwashed clothes … half-shut cupboards full of stuff she can’t wear … sink crammed with dirty dishes … TV screens pre-loaded with programmes she doesn’t want to watch … and everywhere portals to a cyberspace bristling with trash, trolls and trollops.

Another day of doom, gloom and desperate bursts of escapism – addictions to comfort-eating, alcohol stiffeners, airhead channel-hopping. But you can’t escape bad news in 2016 … nothing to do but Mope.

She shuts her eyes … and opens them again.


The stupid world is happy without her! High time to get up, then, and let them know what they’re missing …

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