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100 word story: Centenary Celebration, 2117

Why, nobody knows, but one morning people woke up and stopped buying stuff. They started to make do with what they had. They learned how to look after it so that it didn’t lose its value.

When it fell apart they got it mended.  Repair became big business and craft guilds returned. Quality control improved because consumers demanded things were built to last.

Buying less, people worked less and had time for hobbies they could turn into new work opportunities. People wanted more from their local neighbourhood: leisure activities, fresh produce, communal life.

The Year this began, everybody agrees, was 2017.

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100 word story: More Heat Than Light

But perhaps the strangest species we observed was the smugly self-styled Homo Sapiens whose unfortunate belief that they had been created wise meant that they could never learn from their mistakes because they would never admit to one another that they had made any. Too late they discovered the universal principle of evolution with its central idea of mutual metamorphosis and so continued to reject humble collaboration in favour of boastful individualism. Once a year they set off fireworks to celebrate the curiously Hopeful wishes they all shared for a brighter future but even this turned into a bragging contest.

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100 word story: Missing Ingredient

She opens her eyes.

Another morning. Unwashed clothes … half-shut cupboards full of stuff she can’t wear … sink crammed with dirty dishes … TV screens pre-loaded with programmes she doesn’t want to watch … and everywhere portals to a cyberspace bristling with trash, trolls and trollops.

Another day of doom, gloom and desperate bursts of escapism – addictions to comfort-eating, alcohol stiffeners, airhead channel-hopping. But you can’t escape bad news in 2016 … nothing to do but Mope.

She shuts her eyes … and opens them again.


The stupid world is happy without her! High time to get up, then, and let them know what they’re missing …

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100 word story challenge


Is this Mr Shoehorn?


I’m Asphodel from Fifteen Minutes. You may have heard of us.

You make people famous.

Our computer has selected your name. Our image consultants are now available. Our broadcasting studio is ready to roll.

That lot won’t come cheap.

It won’t cost you a penny. We take half your earnings when you become famous.

What if, for all your expertise, I turn out to be a flop?

Many of our clients are famous for being flops. People adore pointless celebrity. It gives them hope.

Win-win, then?

It’s all good, yeah, all good … you in?

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