Human Kind Cannot Bear Very Much Reality …

An acrostic poem in response to the Daily Prompt word Yellow:

Y ou and I run from the truth
E very single day of our
L ives. How else could we
L ive with all the silent
O ppressions of our unequal
W orld?

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Image: Waking Times


100 word story: Lady of NotaLot

Do nothing, they said, the world is a maze of mutual interlocking where one leads to another and no case resembles the next.

She pushed open the glass door and found everyone for themselves and devil take the hindmost. The rich affected shibboleths of spurious grace and dubious favour while the poor were the same everywhere.

Do nothing for anyone, they said, for each must rise or fall by their own undoings to prove victors have merit. Our human race is less a family than a mad dash to safety.

Ah, let them call her Simple and lock her away …


The Fall From Grace

we had a dream
but the king is dead
so what does this mean
for the times we have bled

upon a time
our story was clear
but now our future
is harder to hear

where do we look
for the things unseen
do we search for the good
or settle for the mean

do we press the question
or go with the flow
take what comes
and never know

if all we had hoped for
would end in our Devastation

100 word story: Snap!

Two Successful Tycoons swirl vintage brandy in balloon glasses.

“So how was your year?”

“Exceptional, as always! Acme Acquisitions bought low and sold high like there was no tomorrow. You?”

“Oh, Apex Accumulations had more turnover than a pig in clover. All our takeovers turned into bigtime downsizings, with casual labour replacing trained workforces like they were going out of fashion. The art is knowing when to sell a company before things go tits up!”

“Yeah, cool … er, fancy buying us out?”

A fine spray of brandy spluttered into the room.

“Gnnghh … just what I was about to ask you!”

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100 word story: Ultimatum

Memo to All Staff

Subject: Unwanted Press Exposure

In view of recent information leaks, there will be no more information. We have closed all programs of scientific inquiry to facilitate complete data shutdown. Hard facts will be replaced by comforting fictions and official announcements will henceforth consist of meaningless banalities. Total public ignorance is essential to the smooth running of our operation. Open debate will be replaced by light music. We have genetically modified the tree of knowledge to be fruitless. Everything will be the opposite of what it appears to be. This message will automatically self destruct in 10 seconds …


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100 word story: Plan B

37 days to your Osprey Evisceration

… or so his Smartphone tells him. Dumbphone. No use to him now – not since the Infinite virus hit – just churning out data that is ever more random, pointless, irrelevant.

He hurls it over the balcony and watches it cartwheel down to bounce off a shattered television, clip a ruined microwave, rest on a dead laptop. Discarded machines ring the apartment block like a sediment of crazed fossils.

The city is silent and still … save for rising columns of smoke, like signals from an ancient past now become endless future.

He wonders who lives next door.


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100 word story – The Eyes Have It

So typical of her lovely Toby to make himself scarce while she entertained Tony! How many men would be trusting enough to leave their girlfriend alone with an old flame, especially when they knew the fire still flickered?

Gazing into Tony’s soft brown eyes, she clung to her image of Toby trudging bravely along the dark canal on a dank afternoon. How horribly easy to imagine him disappearing into the freezing mist …

‘Oh no,’ she said.

‘But weren’t you just a little bit Tempted?’

She gazed into his frank blue eyes, their lashes still wet. Trust deserved honesty.

‘Oh yes.’


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