What a Blast!

Had a dream the other night.
Opened up a secret door.
Reached in for a golden trumpet.
Notes that brought an end to war.

image: Life, Hope & Truth

inspiration: HORN from


4 thoughts on “What a Blast!

  1. Nice one as usual, Dave. Again it takes me back – this time to “Ill Wind” by Flanders and Swann. But there the horn does not bring peace – rather it stirs up other passions (and re-interprets Mozart!)

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      1. Yes indeed – beautiful wordsmithery and a skillful accompanist. From youtuber’s comments I was pleased to see that another of theirs, A Song of Patriotic Prejudice, is still understood to be satirical and ironic – I was worried it might have been banned. Satire and irony seem to be under pressure these days. Keep up the good work.

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        1. Good point, Mike. I wonder if part of the problem may be the brevity of social media like Twitter, where there is no room for subtlety or nuance. Mind you, my acrostics are pretty short. May try and ring the changes in future posts …


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