how could anyone

believe the hype
and go for broke,
let it rip,
attack the woke,
never have
concern for others,
end the creed all men are brothers?

image: Hubhopper

inspiration: balance from

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13 thoughts on “how could anyone

    1. Thanks. To answer, well, I’m trying to attack the label of ‘woke’ when applied to those who are concerned for the welfare of others less fortunate than themselves. Fellow feeling is routinely ridiculed by the right in this cynical way. The question I ask in my poem begins with the title how could anyone … Hope that answers your point.

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    1. Hi GH, glad you liked, always good to talk and make things a little clearer! The word ‘woke’ as used by right-wingers is, like much of what they say, intended as a calculated insult against anyone supporting the equal rights of others and seeks to encourage division and selfishness. I would describe myself as awake to their chicanery. End of sermon!


  1. Good job, Dave. One has to wonder about the mindset of people who can be so violently critical of people for expressing a concern for fellow human beings. The whole world needs to wake up. Our survival depends on it. –Curt

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