You Gotta Trust Us

Politicians care about
everyone, they claim, but in
reality only
serve their 
own voters -
not everyone, it seems, matters equally.

image: Financial Times

inspiration: Person from


8 thoughts on “You Gotta Trust Us

  1. “Trust” is a big word and I always allude to “Trust has to be earned” – I am sorry that the worldly politicians have gone a bit wonky – I wish they would all be nicer really! Do good for the people at the very least.

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  2. As for whose interests they do serve I would like to repeat the idea that, just as sportsmen wear badges and logos indicating the sources of their backing (Nike, Red Bull, Durex, etc.), so politicians should have their financial affiliations out in the open.
    Burke and Churchill had powerful arguments as to the responsibility of MPs. I. E. Not to vested interests but to all voters.

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    1. Splendid idea for more transparency, Mike, and you’ve got me imagining them in uniforms – some comic value in that! I know that Geo Washington hated political parties and believed representatives should make up their own minds on each issue, though that’s a little different from outside interests. Still, all feeds in to the theme of independence. Cheers!


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