Let’s Dance!

Bopping the night away,
Lavinia sleeps in the day -
As soon as it's dark
She's hitting the park
Till dawn when she hits the hay.

image: Peninsula Doctor

inspiration: BLAST from


7 thoughts on “Let’s Dance!

  1. In an idle moment – one of many, these days! – I’ve come up with another acrostic limerick based on the word BLAST. Here it is, my friends, for what it’s worth:

    Birth Anniversaries Rule!
    Long as you don’t act the fool.
    At somebody else’s
    S’okay to get senseless.
    To cry at your own isn’t cool.


  2. Sounds like a great description of our black cat, Demon, who spent her nights roaming the old Graveyard when I was a child in search of four legged treasures, that she would often leave on our doorstep, Dave. –Curt

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      1. I’m sure they were. But my mother never had much of a sense of humor about dead half-eaten mice. I was assigned disposal duty. In honor of our cats prowess, I would tie string around the mouse and drag it around our yard, much to my and the cat’s amusement. It was an example of life after death, which I am sure the denizens of the Graveyard appreciated.

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