Search Mission

Finding out your kith 
and kin, you'll go back 
many years; and, 
if you take it far enough, 
learn everyone is 

image: Nautilus Magazine

inspiration: Family from

11 thoughts on “Search Mission

  1. Well put sir ~ my sentiments entirely but expressed more sweetly! (My own personal problem is with individuals who claim to be “pure bred” Anglo-Saxon – a phrase misleading in so many ways.)
    We are all 14 billion year old dust particles from stars in the final analysis {give or take a few billion……}. Thanks Dave.

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    1. Cheers, Mike, always good to read your responses! I always think ultra-nationalists miss out on the deeper pride of our common humanity. Yes indeed, we are stardust and – thanks, Joni – golden!


      1. If only we could learn what Hardy is telling us, Dave. And I wonder if we will ever get beyond our evolutionary fear of strangers and need to dominate— before it is too late. The clock is ticking. –Curt

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        1. I believe more extended contact with other cultures – rather than shallow tourism – could be one way forward, Curt. Too much whizzing around for too little real benefit, I think, with the travel business rather like one big international themepark …


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