Just Saying

Persons behind closed doors
Annul old rights that were yours.
Nine wise folks say
Everything is OK
Letting nationals fear local laws.

image: Guttmacher Institute

inspiration: PANEL from


8 thoughts on “Just Saying

  1. Dear Dave,

    Hello! I would like to have the pleasure and honour of commending you for your excellent little poem summarizing the main event regarding the SCOTUS’ decisions on abortion and its striking down Roe v. Wade, which can have various implications and ramifications for the following:

    Reproductive freedoms…
    LGBTQ freedoms…
    Contraceptive freedoms…
    Migrants freedoms…
    The freedom of liberty (common sense gun safety, and police reform)…
    The right to vote…

    You are invited to peruse my latest post entitled “🏛️⚖️ The Facile and Labile Nature of Law: Beyond the Supreme Court and Its Ruling on Controversial Matters 🗽🗳️🔫🤰🧑‍🤝‍🧑💉”:


    May you have a wonderful and productive weekend!

    Yours sincerely,

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    1. Thank you for showing your appreciation at length. I find the issue troubling and quite confusing, touching on so many areas as you indicate. I will certainly avail myself of the link to your post and respond there. All the best, my friend!

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