Conformity Blanket

Unless forewarned by those in charge,
no danger sets off my alarms
and doggedly I sit it out
whenever gossip gives me qualms -
awful rumours raise no doubt
regarding risk of public harms,
even when those threats loom large.

image: Pinterest

inspiration: Unaware from

6 thoughts on “Conformity Blanket

  1. The only threat more dangerous than people being unaware in a democracy, Dave, is people relying on only one source of information, especially when that source feels no compunction about lying and mis-stating facts! –Curt

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    1. Dear Dave and Curt,

      I concur with both of you.

      By the way, I have enjoyed the palindromic rhyming scheme of your poem “Conformity Blanket”.

      May you enjoy celebrating this special day with your family on Father’s Day!

      Have a wonderful weekend!

      Yours sincerely,

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