Diplomatic Ragbag

just a few kind words
at the right moment can turn
wrath away for good

judging when is an
art which only peacemakers 
would care to master

join hands together
and hearts will surely follow
with minds close behind

junk the pal who claims
all people are this or that
with no overlap

jazz variations
allow possibilities
wriggle-room to grow

jettison tired old
animosities for new
ways to reconnect

justify your place 
and speak for the human race
when putting your case

justice is a cause
any person would battle for
whatever the cost

jets bomb villages
as a precaution against
whispers of dissent

jail all the peaceniks
and it's only criminals
who oppose a war

jests from the war-room
are never quite so funny
when told in battle

jaw-jaw my mother
always said is better than
war-war any day

image: Coursera

inspiration: jaw from


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