Future Daze

Picture, my children, the trees!
Lost woodlands once busy with bees!
Alive in our mind,
Not a leaf can we find!
Think, how to root reveries?

image: Dreamstime.com

inspiration: PLANT from


8 thoughts on “Future Daze

  1. Interesting to me, Dave, when I return to my hometown, to my roots and reveries, the old woods that I once wandered through, and, in many ways, shaped who I am, has long since morphed into a trailer park. But an ancient oak still stands, connecting past to present and future. Thanks for inspiring the thought. –Curt

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    1. Hi Curt, glad this struck a chord with you – all the more because of your great experience of the outdoors over the years! I also made an adult return to the woods of my youth and found they’d been manicured into a neat urban park – still green, though, so mustn’t grumble too much! And I too found a tree I used to climb …

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          1. Laughing… Just checking, Dave. I was half monkey as a kid. Sadly, no longer so. There is an 80 foot or so incense cedar in the graveyard next to our house that my brother and I would race up and down. I visited the tree a little while back. It’s showing its age just like I am. We both agreed: No more climbing. πŸ™‚

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