Block and Tackle

Everything is ready now.

Xavier consults his lists.

Endless possibilities!

Clever starts and story twists.

Urgings, promptings, motivations.

Tabulated, good to go.

It’s not for want of preparations

Our poor author flounders.

No. It’s just his confidence that’s low.

The Myth About Writer's Block and How to Get Through ItPick the Brain |  Motivation and Self Improvement

Image: Pick The Brain

Inspiration: EXECUTION from

4 thoughts on “Block and Tackle

  1. Put the petal to the metal, the pen to the paper, and damn the writer’s block. Full speed ahead.
    I am taking a blogging break this summer, Dave. After 11 years of blogging and 1100 blogs, I feel like I deserve it. Wouldn’t want to become burned out. Wouldn’t want to suffer from writers block. I’ll still be posting on occasion when so inspired. and will check in occasionally on my blogging friends. Don’t want them to think I’ve disappeared into the Great Unknown. 🙂 –Curt

    1. Wow, that’s 100 blogs per annum! Quite an achievement, Curt, and that break is well-deserved. Good to ring the changes once in a while and I’m sure you’ll return refreshed and raring to go.
      Me, I could probably churn out acrostic poems till the cows come home – hmm, is that a mixed metaphor? – and any writer’s block I get is in other stuff I keep meaning to do!
      Anyway, thanks for all your responses and I look forward to our occasional exchanges in future. All the best, my friend …

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