“Are We Nearly There Yet?” 2

Had problems with the layout of my previous post so here’s a revamped version:

Q.  Why are limericks like buses?
A.  Sometimes they come in threes!

Replying to back-seat cries,
our driver shouts Yes, soon! and sighs –
until passing just then
that old signpost again,
everyone thought he was wise.

Righto! (said the leader one day)
out of lockdown let’s make our way –
unless cases rise
to scary new highs,
ending the urge to make hay!

Rambling wild was our style
on explorings mile after mile –
up to half-way,
thrills ruled the day –
everything homeward was mild.

Man looking map confusing choose way Royalty Free Vector

inspiration: Route from
Random Word Generator

7 thoughts on ““Are We Nearly There Yet?” 2

  1. Whoops, still having problems with the layout! It’s OK on my own page – you can visit it for the correct version, with the verse in short lines – but it’s a jumble on the ‘public’ page. I’m not very technical, so any advice gratefully received!

    1. Thanks for your feedback – and reassurance! I did see one page where the text and picture were all crammed together – not sure how I accessed that – thought it might be jumbled because I’d tinkered with the post after publishing it. Ah, but what do I know?

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