Making Do

Sleep soundly, fellow citizen, for cake is coming.
Until then, just be grateful for your daily bread.
Building our brighter future begins next week.
Satisfy yourself, for now, with what you have.
Towards a better world we’re nearly ready to set sail.
If we think you’ll rock the boat, we’ll leave you on the shore.
Tomorrow there’ll be bluebirds up above, just wait and see.
Unicorns to follow. Pictures posted. Please enjoy.
There are the rainbows, their golden promise now fading in the sun.
Embroidered samplers still urge courage upon shadowy walls within.

Antique Excellent Embroidered Sampler with a very Wonderful | Etsy

image: Etsy

inspiration: SUBSTITUTE from
Random Word Generator

2 thoughts on “Making Do

  1. Dave, it is getting more and more tricky to outdo our politicians – isn’t it? Jam tomorrow is even more relevant today than when Lewis Carroll unleashed it – but I worry that more and more people seem to accept the “promises”. Is it just that we have become used to the lack of any visible or voluble alternative viewpoints being put?

    I love the images of unicorns on embroidered samplers ~ that is wonder full.

    Keep up the good work, it needs to be said.


    1. Hi Mike, many thanks for your considered reply! You’re quite right, I think, to point out the prevailing quiescence – acquiescence, even – or are people just weary? Speaking truth to power takes courage and energy, qualities in alarmingly short supply … reckon those pesky unicorns are easier to breed these days!

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