Fangs for That!

got a vampire in my belfry
and it seems he’s there to stay –
rang the pest control department,
leave him be was all they’d say –
if you spot a better answer
can you tell me right away?


Efforts to 'unhide' Philly's historic church bell carillons - WHYY


image: WHYY

inspiration: garlic from
Random Word Generator


8 thoughts on “Fangs for That!

  1. Dave there is a garlic restaurant in San Francisco, called “The Stinking Rose”, whose mantra is “We season our garlic with food”
    It occurs to me that, in your blogs, you season the often stinking news with common sense. Keep up the good works and keep your belfry fit for all πŸ˜‰

    1. Haha, Mike, currently trying to make room for all those bats! That restaurant certainly sounds to be on the right track – I gather garlic keeps more at bay than just vampires. My missus reckons Roman soldiers chewed it while marching to ward off illness, so we often take what she calls β€˜the garlic cure’ when we get the sniffles!

  2. Knew a guy way back when, who was always eating garlic for his health, Dave. Always smelled like garlic. I figured that he was healthy because people kept their distance and he wasn’t subject to their bugs. πŸ™‚ –Curt

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