Fleet of Foot

Select your leaders carefully
and shun the ones that dance
for when a boss just wants to strut
each day’s a wasted chance –
to make this world a finer place
you’d choose someone whose thoughts have grace.


Image result for donald trump dancing gif


GIF image: Tenor

inspiration: Safety from
Random Word Generator


10 thoughts on “Fleet of Foot

  1. Strutting, how right you are, Dave. That’s what the Donald did any time he had an audience. Dancing may be okay. I read the other day that Washington was a superb dancer and Lincoln couldn’t dance a step. I’m a heck of a lot closer to Lincoln that Washington. 🙂 –Cuty

  2. Neatly observed, Dave. Even if I hadn’t seen this Giff – and I kind of wish I hadn’t had to – your word choice convinces, a boss who ‘just wants to strut’? That says it all.

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